A book.

A life changing book that my stepfather had laying around his house. He gave it to me as a gift and told me that I would love it. The title wasn't compelling and I thought it would be a sappy book full of everything that I'm not  doing. I reluctantly read the book.

    It turned out being sappy book, and it did tell me everything that I'm NOT doing, it broke my heart. It motivated me to a be a giver, but how do I give? What impact can I make? This book is what made me fall in love with providing clean water to those who have none. Which just so happened to be a lingering after thought from my senior year of college, studying the Great Lakes Compact. The "Hole in the Gospel," by Richard Stearns is what compelled me to start taking action.

     Marathons. I'm not a runner. I'm from a family of runners, I'm surrounded by ultra runners but..I'm not a runner. I decided to run the Chicago Marathon for Team World Vision and fund raise for clean water wells. This turned into Wear A Story.

My second year running, a coworker came back from Kumasi, Ghana.  She gave me two bracelets, made by a young man named David. I fell in love with these colorful, handmade recycled glass beads. It immediately hit me, "Leslie, you need to find David, you will use these bracelets to help fund clean water wells." I listened but thought this was slightly crazy.

It took me some help to find David, but with the help of a friend, I did.  

David and I have been a team for 2 years now. Wear A Story is created to help local artists in Kumasi Ghana, like David and Nicholas to rise out of poverty.

That's what your purchase does. Funding clean water programs will forever be a part of Wear A Story.. You now can make a difference through shopping.

I'm excited to see where Wear A Story will go and what new artists I'll be blessed with. - Leslie